Yourbabynanny Consulting 

As a full-time, educated, professional nanny I aim to use my child-care knowledge to help parents find the perfect nanny for their family.  I provide guidance during the hiring process, mediating the interview, preparing parents for the employer role.

Yourbabynanny is not a nanny agency. Instead of being limited to a small talent pool, which can come with an agency, I utilize, and create relationships with multiple agencies in order to widen the search and ultimately find the right nanny for your family.

How it Works:

Meet with family > Set up job listing > Sift through talent pool > Find your nanny!

Services for Parents:

  • Hands On: Consultation to help you build and create your own online job listing. You’ll do the rest after.
  • Hands Off: Consultation, to build and manage your online listing for you. I’ll manage, maintain and sift through to find you the top 3 nannies based on our personal consultation.
  • Interview, Hands On: I’ll provide you with the right interview questions so you can facilitate your own interview.
  • Interview, Hands On 2: Facilitate interview: I’ll be there with you during the interview, I’ll ask the right questions, based on your specific needs.
  • Interview, Hands Off: Manage interview: I’ll do the first round of interviews for you, so you don’t have to.

Services After:

  • Training: one two-hour training day. (Free with Hands Off package).
  • Follow up:  Unlimited email follow up.  And one in person follow up (free with Hands Off package) sessions with you and the nanny to make sure all is going well. 
  • If the Nanny I picked doesn’t work for you, I’ll find you a replacement nanny, for free.

Services for Hired Nannies:

  • Monthly hour-long meetings for all hired nannies, where you can discuss job concerns/questions, child-care questions and network with other nannies. 

Please contact me for further information at


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