Stay Connected

images-1There can be a lot of miscommunication between parents and nannies, especially when communication isn’t happening. I think it’s important to stay connected with parents, and parents with nannies to maintain consistency in the household. Some ways I make sure this happens is to:

Nannies and Parents: Nannies, send email and or text updates daily.

Send texts or emails with pictures of what the child/ren did during the day with little notes, this way parents are apart of these activities. This is especially helpful when verbal skills are still developing and each day children learn many different words, but are barely distinguishable–it makes it easier to communicate and understand toddlers when you know the context of their days activities:  art projects, play-dates, cooking, outdoor time.  I often don’t do this at the time it’s happening because I’m focusing my attention on the child I watch.  Nap time is a great time to send an email update with pictures and a quick note.

Parents and Nannies: Parents, send an email update at the end of every weekend.

I find that a lot of nannies do something similar to the above, either because they choose to or because the parents requested specific updates.  Parents on the other hand tend to be a little worse at maintaining communication over weekends, which is understandable, their weekend is their family time, the last thing they want to do is send a detailed email.  That being said, it’s really helpful to the household when everyone know what’s up.    I specifically ask my employers to send email updates on Sundays; this includes, what they did, what new developments the baby has had, illness, teething, naps, etc., this has been incredibly helpful in keeping consistency.

Old Fashioned Note Taking:

We also keep a notepad: a lot of people have an initial, negative reaction to this form of “note taking” but it is actually helpful, especially when you work for very busy parents.  The notepad includes, sleep times, poop and pee times (this is helpful when starting potty training.)  Meals (helpful in making sure they get well rounded meals throughout the day, and no repeats!) And if the children are sick with a fever, notes on temperature and medicine.


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