Cloth Wipes

Unknown2Cloth Wipes:  If you’re using cloth diapers, you really might as well us cloth wipes.  While you can buy cloth wipes, you can also easily make them…if you have a sewing machine and the time to cut the squares and make some stitches.  Unfortunately, I can’t speak to certain cloth wipe brands but here are some that have been recommended to me, Softbums organic bamboo wipes and Tender Bottoms.


How to use:  You can use the cloth wipes dry or wet.  Dry: you’ll spray your baby’s butt with either water or some kind of baby butt solution (there are a lot of solutions you can buy, or make yourself.)  Wet: you’ll have a wipe solution, or water in a bowl, which you will put the dry wipe into.  Some of the sites I’ve linked to recommend having a wipe warmer, however this product seems unnecessary to me.


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